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It's No Longer an Option

Home staging is no longer an option when selling your home. Whether you are staging yourself or hiring a professional it is a necessary action to take. The purpose of staging is to clear the room surface while also making it appealing to look at. Many people have difficulty doing this on their own because they are emotionally attached to the items that they have displayed. It is also difficult because many sellers have not fully accepted the fact that they will be moving in a short period of time and want their home to remain as they have it.

Here are some Do's and Don'ts to keep in mind when staging your home:

Do paint a room if the walls are stained or dingy looking. Don't paint using ultra modern colors or overly bright colors.

Do paint using neutral colors. Don't paint using hospital white.

Do move couches and furniture off the wall to create the perception of floor space. Don't have oversized couches and furniture that take up a large portion of the room.

Do take overly personalized pictures of parties and family gatherings off of the walls. Don't take all pictures off of the wall leaving blank empty spaces.

Do set tables according to their designed function. Don't simply add items to tables to cover them (i.e. games on a dining table).

Do play soft jazzy or classical music in the background during showings. Don't play rock and roll music in the background.

Always remember that the better your home looks, the higher price you will receive. If you are willing to spend the extra time to create a showplace out of your home, you will have significantly less time on the market and gain a higher price for your home!

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