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Making Your Home an Experience

Your home is most likely the largest investment of your life. Therefore, the sale of it is perhaps one of the most important decisions you will ever make. There is more to the home selling process than simply receiving an offer on your home and determining if it is a price that you can live with. When preparing your home for sale it is important to understand that buyers do not simply look with their eyes. Below are some tips to making your home an experience using all five senses...

The Five Senses:

Sight: Removing clutter makes each room feel spacious and comfortable. Buyers do not want to see how you live in your home, they want to see how beautiful it can be. A fresh coat of paint in a warm neutral color (not stark white) and house plants, whether artificial or real, give your home a sense of warmth.

Touch: Make sure your home is dusted and the counters are clean. Buyers will notice, whether consciously or sub-consciously, and make an assessment of your home based on this impression.

Sound: "Psychoacoustics" is the study of sound and the effects it has on the human nervous system. Soft music welcomes buyers into your home and creates a positive internal response to your home.

Smell: We all know how powerful our sense of smell is. It is so powerful that there is an alternative medical profession surrounding the science of it (Aromatherapy). The trick is to use the correct scents to stimulate a response and to not go overboard. Recommendations: Vanilla or Cinnamon Spice

Taste: Ever wonder why we have such fond memories of grandmas house? Perhaps it was the welcoming feeling of sitting around munching on cookies or the wonderful Thanksgiving spread. Provide your buyers with a welcoming treat, whether it be a plate of cookies or a dish of candies. This will make your home an experience that they will remember over the others that they have viewed.

Call me for a free consultation on how you can prepare your home for a sale!

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