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Yellow Long Johns and a Good Book

I recently read an article titled "101 Ways to Save". For many, homeownership can feel out of reach. Yet it can be surprisingly attainable with just a few lifestyle adjustments. I found that the article was a good reminder of the many luxuries we have in this country.

We have been fortunate to live in society full of wealth with the opportunity to have many things. There are cultures that are thankful for a single pair of shoes where many of our closets contain many pairs. Other cultures are thankful to get a single bowl of rice for dinner where we are compelled to have at least 3 items on our plates. In reading this article I was drawn to the thought that many of us have the "don't rock my boat" mentality (me included). We fear giving up our modern conveniences and therefore do not save nearly as much as we could.

But, what if...

• What if we did cancel cable TV and read a book or play board games instead? Would our families ultimately feel more fulfilled?

• What if we did throw on a pair of long underwear under our slacks and turn down the heat? Would it be miserable or would we have the chance to tease our spouse about cold feet?

• Why not spend some time on Saturday morning to clip coupons and plan our weekly meals? Would our week go more smoothly because our evenings have been thought out ahead of time?

• What if we used our cell phones for emergencies only? Would we get more accomplished by lack of interruption and become more organized because business calls actually take place at our desks?

• What if we looked at those around us and worked within the barter and trade system? Would we have a closer bond with our friends and neighbors by appreciating their individual qualities?

In a perfect world, what would you do differently and how would it affect your lifestyle?

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