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You want me to pay what?!?


Let me begin by apologizing. I have been in Real Estate since 2001 and when I sit down and talk with sellers about the sale of their home we talk about marketing, staging, curb appeal, etc. I have just realized that we have not said a word about what you are paying for! I know what you are thinking, "the marketing of my home of course," but you are wrong. Yes, marketing is important but any relatively savvy agent can put your home on the internet, any agent who has done more than a couple of transactions can give you a few lessons on advertising and wording, any agent who has been through more than 50 houses can tell you a little bit about staging...

"Well, if its not marketing, staging or curb appeal, then what am I paying you thousands of dollars for?"

To get your home sold of course! You see, someone is going to fall in love with your home regardless of who you choose to represent you. The question is: at what cost? You need a negotiator, not an "agent".

The definition of "agent" is: One empowered to act for or represent another. Or, a means by which something is caused. This is a very passive role.

The definition of "negotiator" is: to succeed in accomplishing or managing.

It is not my job to simply bring you the offer that another agent has written on behalf of their buyer and ask you to make a decision on whether or not you will accept that offer. I must know the market and any changes that have occurred in the past week (not just month) and educate you on these changes, I must be aware of any costs relating to known negotiable items (roof issues, carpet replacement, etc.) and discuss them with you prior to any negotiation has begun so that we have a plan of attack, and I must know how to ask the right questions of the other agent in order to determine the buyers motivation and reason for purchasing so that we have a strategy. Once I have this information it is my job to show the buyer why they should purchase for the price you are asking or close to it, help the buyer to understand why you will not make some or all of the repairs that they are requesting, ensure that you have enough time to move after close of escrow...

As Real Estate agents we spend so much time talking about the method of getting your home sold that we completely forget to tell you that you are actually paying for the process of getting your home sold.

The sale of your home is an emotional process and a negotiator is what you need, not an agent!

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