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Why use a realtor to buy a home?

You have made the decision to take the plunge and purchase a home! You have spent hours of tedious research online about what you should and should not do when purchasing a home, things to look for and steer clear of and, most importantly, what types of homes are available in your area and price range. It is official, you can do this all on your own! But wait… am I missing something?

Purchasing a home is a big financial decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Therefore, you should seriously consider hiring an agent to represent YOUR interests. Purchasing a home directly through the listing agent leaves you without representation since the listing agent has been hired by the seller to represent them (not you). Additionally, the seller has already made arrangements with the listing agent and agreed to pay the commission for the buyer’s agent so there will be no additional cost to you!

Does this mean that you should hire any agent who happens to have a license? No, you want to choose an agent who you can easily communicate with and is knowledgeable about the area that you are looking. You also want to see what other clients are saying about them by looking at their reviews. Finally, look for someone with education and experience in the field. Although we all want to help a friend or family member who just got their license, it takes years to build the necessary experience and skills required to negotiate the best possible price with the least amount of headache for you.

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