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What is Target Marketing?

Your home has its own unique set of attributes; therefore, your marketing plan should too.  I do what most other agents do to gain exposure by placing your home in the MLS, listing it on all the major real estate websites, creating a custom property website, etc.  However, I also custom design a target marketing plan for each home I list in order to maximize exposure to the specific group of people who are most likely to purchase your home.  This allows your home to stand out to the potential buyers who matter most!

Target #1:

I focus on the amenities of your home that may be unique or of special interest to a potential buyer.  Is it a single level?  Perhaps a group of 65 or older would be interested because of accessibility.  Does it have a large bonus room?  Perhaps a young family would be interested. 


Target #2:

Statistically, the National Association of Realtors tells us the average home buyer moves every 3-5 years and purchases a home for 52% more than the home they just sold. Using this information can help us to determine where your buyer may come from. If we list a $300,000 home, statistically the buyer should come from a $150,000 to $160,000 neighborhood and would have lived in that neighborhood for over 3 years.  Statistics also show that, on average, most people move within 7 miles of their current home.


Target #3:

The National Association of Realtors has also found that 30% of homes are sold within some relation to your surrounding neighbors. 


I have my “Target” now what?

To sell your home for top dollar, we want to market to a larger group than current buyers.  Many people think about purchasing a new home long before they take the necessary steps to actually make the purchase.  There are also many people who have no idea that they are qualified to purchase a home and therefore never take the necessary steps to achieve that goal.  As a professional in the Real Estate field I have had a lot of experience locating these buyers and therefore getting your home sold faster and for more money than the average agent.


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